Lets Play with Lotus Notes Components

The different categories of Lotus Notes that are required to transfer in Office 365 User accounts are Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks. Sometime need come to migrate few components only that necessitates simple filters options. No application holds such filters except this one.In step 3, such filters can be applied to migrate desired items only. Ultimately the application put power back to manage the migration of multiple Lotus Notes components: Separately or All At Once. Now watch the process to include or exclude multiple components for migration.


Understand How to Begin

  1. Do Migration Including All Components:
    Third step asks for categories selection, where all categories are already selected. By default the categories are checked and all components data will migrate at once into Cloud platform. If all categories are not selected by default then must enable all categories. Have a look on below screen:


  3. Migrate Only Desired Components:
    Deselect the respective checkboxes of components that are irrelevent for migration and only selected components will migrate into Office 365 platform. Any category can be included or excluded for migration. Have a look on it: