Export Lotus NSF Data to Office 365 Accounts

Office 365 small business subscription offers user to create multiple accounts under same domain which include (onmicrosoft.com) in it. And with Office 365 (Midsize & Enterprise License) user can create multiple accounts under multiple domains. Thus when big industries upgrade with Office 365 cloud service they usually set up their accounts with enterprise license having multiple domains in it. And for legacy on-premises lotus Notes NSF migration to Microsoft Office 365, user can now choose by comparing the feature available in both  license of software (Business & Enterprise) side by side to make sure which best fits with business needs.

Two-way Approach to Move Data under Single or Multiple Domains

  1. Moving Data under Specific Office 365 Domain:
    This feature is available with both  license edition of the software. With the software user can easily move NSF data into many Office 365 accounts of same domain. Only put the credentials of the accounts and seamlessly migrate data to multiple Office 365 accounts.

  2. Moving Data under Multiple Office 365 Domains:
    This task becomes very easy with Enterprise edition of the software that allows moving data in accounts of many domains. If user wants to move data in multiple domains then this a sagacious approach to perform such task.